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Simplifying Industrial machine vision

Machine vision is a critical part of automation systems in Industry 4.0. Developing or using a machine vision solution has always been a difficult, expensive and time consuming process from both technical and business perspectives. There is no general purpose machine vision solution in the market and each vendor has its own camera solution and software platform which makes it very difficult and confusing to find the right solution.

By making it possible to convert a smartphone to an industrial camera, Nytilus is working to become the forefront of innovation in this industry by providing a smooth experience in developing machine vision solutions.

Why SmartPhone

Using smartphones as industrial cameras can bring so many values and make the machine vision solution development easier than ever.

Easy Setup and Implementation

1.Get a Smartphone

Order a smartphone from Amazon or buy one from your local shop or your telecom company, Currently we support most of the flagship smartphones in the market.

2. Get a Nyte Dock (optional)

Order a Nytilus smart docking station directly from our website or Amazon.
It’s optional to use our docking station, you can also use a commercial one or just a standard USB C cable.

3. Design your machine vision application

You can easily design and test your machine vision algorithm using Nytilus software platform.
During your design and test you have access to a real time feed from smartphone cameras.

4. Build and install your app

Build and install your final application on the smartphone and start using it.

Why you can use a smartphone as an industrial camera?


Smartphone camera quality is significantly better than existing industrial cameras in the market.


Using smartphones as an industrial camera would drastically reduce the total acquisition cost in comparison with all machine vision solutions!

Procurement time

Drastically shorter machine vision solution design, development and implementation time.

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